Sunday, December 5, 2010

What Day is it

What is today? It is not December 2nd as that's when I arrived, it's not the 10th as I would be home so it's somewhere in the middle, actually it's December 5th another five nights to go in this facility.   One does not need to suffer from Alzheimer's or any form of dementia to become disoriented in these facilities, there are no clocks on the walls and people rarely speak about anything other than the number of days remaining until their release.  Similar to what you would find in a prison yard where inmates have nothing to do but count the number of days until their time is up.  There is occasional chitchat amongst the people staying here mind you at 53 I am the youngest and do not share that much in common other than needing a place to stay.

As my first post since arriving in respite care I cannot say I am impressed on the contrary the first few days have been pretty discouraging.  The facilities are definitely not adapted for people with mobility impairments the one thing they offer is constant supervision available by the press a button.  The staff are attentive and do their best with what they are provide. The meals are good certainly adequate by my standards.
The rooms are sparse there is one dresser a chair in one corner an a hospital bed, an electric one that seems to have a mind of its own, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.  The washroom is a joke yet I must admit there is one grab bar there WOW and that's it for the mobility impaired.  No phone, television not even a bloody picture on the wall they are bare.  I went home again today as it takes me less than five minutes with my motorized wheelchair and I was able to use my washroom with less effort actually the one here is totally useless and that's when I ended up on the floor, I can assure you that will not occur again.  To sum it up I have more chances of falling and hurting myself here that I have at home so why risk it? Next time providing I'm still as mobile as I am today I will hire someone to come in the morning to help me out of bed and do the same in the evening.
I recall doing this a while back in the problem there was scheduling, the attendant would show up at 7:30 PM or 8 PM at the latest to put me to bed and then the next day the other attendant would show up anywhere from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM. That's a long time to be spending in bed waiting when you're normal routine as you in bed at 10 PM and up in the morning around 6 AM

Apparently the weather is beautiful in Mexico which is fantastic anyone who's stayed with me for this many years deserves a break from the insanity of living with this disease on 24-hour seven day per week basis.
Still you only appreciate what you had when you lose it and I can't wait for her to come back.

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Karen said...

Hi Mike,

Sorry to hear the respite situation is that bad. I think hiring someone to come into your home next time is a much better idea.

Hang in there my friend, you will be home in a few more days.

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