Monday, December 20, 2010

I am ready!

I'm ready, well as ready as I'll ever be. The gifts for our loved ones faraway have been posted a while back and have arrived safely.
We would love to be there, perhaps another year when more time is available for travel.
As for our place the gifts are wrapped thanks to the folks at our local MS chapter we do a fantastic job every year.
My spouse put the tree up on the weekend and I mustn't forget the manger too.
Odd how these little things resurrect the feelings of years gone by and the pleasant memories which are forever tied to the past.

As a young lad I recall attending church services every Christmas Eve at midnight. It must have been last year it's impossible to think it's been so long ago, these are Christmases I experienced before my teens yet I remember them vividly as if they were yesterday. Those Christmas Eves when everyone would hustle to get ready walking to our local church for midnight mass, the light snowfall was always present and it never seemed that cold just pleasant.

All the kids would sit pretending to be attentive while watching the clock waiting for this service to end and the opening of gifts to begin.

Who knew back then what I know now and what difference would it have made if I had known. Some things I would do differently others would stay the same yet that's probably the same for anyone regardless of the challenges we face and we will face them some sooner than others yet life is a circle however not perpetual there is a beginning and an end what we do in the middle is entirely up to us. Next week as we bring in the new year I'll be turning a leaf welcoming 54 this year.

For some odd reason the manger appears more important with each passing year I'm not certain why I've never been that religious yet with the passage of time one cannot help but wonder about it all.

I should devote some time to read the greatest story ever written, it is now on my computer and will be one of my goals for next year. I doubt it will inform me as to how many wise men visited Jesus "if you care to venture a guess you would be wrong" yet I hope to learn more than I know now.

God knows there must be something else for if we rely on man alone we are in trouble from the get-go, all it seems we are able to accomplish is to shoot each other. If we rely on the so-called theory of evolution which should be known as a hypothesis as it is yet unproven. Why is it that monkeys still exist, too bad Darwin isn't around to answer that one.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and all the best to you and yours for 2011.



Matt said...

You don't have to be religious for the Christmas story to be beautiful and its morals to be good, like you say. Christmas is so magical when we are kids, for many of us, that we always see that magic as we get older.

By the way, I have the scientific answer to you your monkeys question. In evolution species branch off as adaptations naturally occur. Then the branches do different things, this is why there are many different kinds of bears, many different kinds of fish, and many different kinds of birds that all exist at the same time.

To answer the theory vs. hypothesis question is that the theory of evolution has actually been effectively proven because we can actually reproduce it in labs and observe it even in recent history on a smaller scale. The fact that we can't observe it in person over millions of years doesn't affect the truth of the theory. (Evolution isn't just about humans.)

I know you didn't probably want actual answers to these questions, but it's a favorite topic of mine.

There are lots of great TV documentaries about evolution. Even if you don't want to be convinced about the human issue, I think you would find them interesting. Most people believe in evolution for animals because we can see it happening even in the short term with dog and horse breeding. That's an interesting thing to learn about.

Karen said...

My daughter and I argue ad nauseum about Darwin Mike. My question exactly...why are there still monkeys then?
Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!


Josee said...

Thank you Matt! As much as it would be lovely to believe in something like creation, it just doesn't make any sense to me. Evolution has always made sense to me - even the pope had to ackgnoledge it was proven. But believeing in evolution doesn't make me anti-religion, dad :) I still believe in Something, I guess I would be agnostic then.

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