Friday, May 27, 2011

Two posts in one day?

It does not appear is if I can post a reply or rather a comment,I've been trying for a half-hour and this is something else I'm giving up today.

In its place I'm offering you this simple token of appreciation to let you know your comments were appreciated and I thank you for stopping by.

Normally Fridays are great yet this is ridiculous!

Today began rather well, after getting up I took the opportunity to take a shower that way when my spouse returned from work it would be one less thing to do if we wanted to go out.

At noon my bladder decided otherwise my attempt to be ready upon her return was futile thus first thing I'll do is take another shower!

I also planned on connecting our old VCR/DVD player to the television we have in our bedroom. Simple enough a few cables to connect a 15 minute job really yet when you can't feel the tip of your fingers or you drop the small adjustable wrench are trying to hold several times well I had to face it and give up.

Oh I went back and tried it a few more times with the same results, must have dropped that adjustable wrench at least a dozen times each time bending over to pick it up using my back muscles to sit up straight again and give it another shot.

End result? I'll wait till she returns from work so that things can return to normal yet it's so frustrating how can we expect other people to understand, it is virtually impossible. I can't imagine living like this in my 70s mind you rarely do we see people with MS at that age yet let's not forget "MS is not Fatal"

Wishing You the Best of Weekends I know I'll try

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Our family is growing and my MS is stable.

Hello Everyone

When it comes to MS I really have nothing new to report which is certainly good in a way things are constant and for the most part predictable which is fine by me.

I decided to write to let you know that things were okay. Last weekend my spouse took Porter Airlines to Toronto Island then on to Barrie with my brother for the last leg of the trip from the island to Barrie.

Our youngest daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last month and due to the distance, vacation time etc. etc. the only time my spouse could go was during the Victoria Day weekend.

I'm including a few photographs the first of course my spouse with our two grandchildren. The one on the left is Timothy who is just over one year old while the little girl on the right Danika, just over one month old. It's funny to see your kids having kids I guess it's that old wheel which keeps on turning.

She spent money on clothes, toys, sterilizing machines you know what grandmothers are expected to do and even if they're not they'll do it anyways. I stayed at home and No I did not go to respite care, instead a nurses aide came over in the morning and in the evening to help me get up and into bed. At least I was at home during the day and she was only around for maybe 10 minutes at the most which suited me just fine.

Probably one of the first weekends where I can say that I did not feel alone or lonely. Some friends invited me for dinner which was fabulous, the next day I went for a brunch with some other friends and in the evening another friend came over with a bottle of wine and pizza.

It was great before I knew it the time was gone and I had not accomplished any of the stuff I thought I would. There is always next week.  Finally a picture of our girls with their kids man it still feels weird to see

Friday, May 13, 2011

It's Not Always MS

MS comes with so much baggage after a while it seems everything you get can easily be blamed on MS.
When you look at all the symptoms and conditions brought on by this disease it is an easy thing to do.

Well for once what I experienced was not caused by MS, on my second day of having bowel problems I was in the washroom when the phone rang and the answering machine picked up.  It was a message from the city advising us that our sector was under a "boil water advisory" due to construction work.

BINGO! That was it, turned to bottle water and today everything is back to normal and I can't say how pleased I am!

Have a good weekend everyone.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Excuses Excuses

I've been away longer than usual I'm afraid to say that MS has been playing some mean tricks on me over the past few days you know the kind of problem that arises without so much as a 5 second warning requiring a complete change of clothes from top to bottom.   A shower of course and by the time I'm done this episode has taken at least two to three hours out of my day.  I'm tired exhausted really and all I want to do is sit in front of the TV. Oh by the way that was Monday.

This morning was like Groundhog Day I couldn't believe it yet back to the shower, complete change of clothes, wash the bathroom of course and then again prooped, pun intended for the rest of the day.

Other than that let's think positive now, on Sunday evening we went to see BTO at the national arts center, the place was packed and amongst the crowd was our fearless leader along with his spouse. It was quite a thing to see the guy is human after all LOL.
There was Steven Harper dancing arms up in the air and certainly knew the songs by heart.
It was a great night out and nice change of pace.

I've been working on a project of mine one that I hope will bring financial assistance for people with MS who are above 49 years of age. As you may know a program exists known as the RDSP for registered disability savings plan which allows an individual to contribute a certain amount based on family income the government will then match the contribution up to a limit.

If you're over 50 you are not permitted to participate? That I can understand and it's my pet project which will keep me busy for the next few weeks. You can be certain that more information will follow and I hope you will be able to benefit from what I find.

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