Friday, May 27, 2011

Normally Fridays are great yet this is ridiculous!

Today began rather well, after getting up I took the opportunity to take a shower that way when my spouse returned from work it would be one less thing to do if we wanted to go out.

At noon my bladder decided otherwise my attempt to be ready upon her return was futile thus first thing I'll do is take another shower!

I also planned on connecting our old VCR/DVD player to the television we have in our bedroom. Simple enough a few cables to connect a 15 minute job really yet when you can't feel the tip of your fingers or you drop the small adjustable wrench are trying to hold several times well I had to face it and give up.

Oh I went back and tried it a few more times with the same results, must have dropped that adjustable wrench at least a dozen times each time bending over to pick it up using my back muscles to sit up straight again and give it another shot.

End result? I'll wait till she returns from work so that things can return to normal yet it's so frustrating how can we expect other people to understand, it is virtually impossible. I can't imagine living like this in my 70s mind you rarely do we see people with MS at that age yet let's not forget "MS is not Fatal"

Wishing You the Best of Weekends I know I'll try


Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I understand these gadgets are not so easy! I cannot do anything with them either.

Anonymous said...

I understand only too well the challenges.
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