Friday, May 13, 2011

It's Not Always MS

MS comes with so much baggage after a while it seems everything you get can easily be blamed on MS.
When you look at all the symptoms and conditions brought on by this disease it is an easy thing to do.

Well for once what I experienced was not caused by MS, on my second day of having bowel problems I was in the washroom when the phone rang and the answering machine picked up.  It was a message from the city advising us that our sector was under a "boil water advisory" due to construction work.

BINGO! That was it, turned to bottle water and today everything is back to normal and I can't say how pleased I am!

Have a good weekend everyone.


Karen said...

Nasty water! I drink nothing but bottled water.

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

It is nice, kinda when it is not MS....

Matt said...

I really like your frank and honest posts about having MS, but I'm glad to hear there's another explanation for your recent problems.

I'm just getting started with MS, but two times before my diagnosis I had accidents, both in extreme situations that I would have been able control before, but just barely. Or maybe they were just more extreme situations than I had ever faced, and it had nothing to do with MS. (But I kinda doubt it.)

Then again, someone recently said to me, "everyone poops their pants" which is probably true. Comedian Margaret Cho has 15 minute comedy routine entirely about a time where she pooped her pants.

Also, I trained with a professional bodybuilder. Apparently guys pooping their pants while doing squats is an unfortunately common event. I didn't have that experience, but I heard from two different trainers who had multiple clients do this.

MikeH said...

You are right we went out and bought a couple of cases and will probably be using that from now on, can I ask you which brand you normally purchase?

It is very nice when you can blame something other than MS. It takes up so much of our lives it seems everything that happens to us originates from this stupid disease and then something out of the blue makes you realize you are not immune to other conditions.

I was very very glad when I heard the message on the answering machine from the city advising me of the boil water advisory. Like Karen said I will probably continue using bottled water.
As for holding it back Ha I wish I even had a few minutes to think about it. The last time I remember having a similar condition is on one of our trips to the Dominican Republic where I indulged in all of the fresh fruit I could eat and spend the next several days in the washroom. I wouldn't even call it poop more like slush LOL

Karen said...

Hi Michael,
I drink President's Choice water from Loblaws.

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