Thursday, May 26, 2011

Our family is growing and my MS is stable.

Hello Everyone

When it comes to MS I really have nothing new to report which is certainly good in a way things are constant and for the most part predictable which is fine by me.

I decided to write to let you know that things were okay. Last weekend my spouse took Porter Airlines to Toronto Island then on to Barrie with my brother for the last leg of the trip from the island to Barrie.

Our youngest daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last month and due to the distance, vacation time etc. etc. the only time my spouse could go was during the Victoria Day weekend.

I'm including a few photographs the first of course my spouse with our two grandchildren. The one on the left is Timothy who is just over one year old while the little girl on the right Danika, just over one month old. It's funny to see your kids having kids I guess it's that old wheel which keeps on turning.

She spent money on clothes, toys, sterilizing machines you know what grandmothers are expected to do and even if they're not they'll do it anyways. I stayed at home and No I did not go to respite care, instead a nurses aide came over in the morning and in the evening to help me get up and into bed. At least I was at home during the day and she was only around for maybe 10 minutes at the most which suited me just fine.

Probably one of the first weekends where I can say that I did not feel alone or lonely. Some friends invited me for dinner which was fabulous, the next day I went for a brunch with some other friends and in the evening another friend came over with a bottle of wine and pizza.

It was great before I knew it the time was gone and I had not accomplished any of the stuff I thought I would. There is always next week.  Finally a picture of our girls with their kids man it still feels weird to see


Matt said...

Congratulations on the new grandkid and being able to stay home while your wife was gone.

nicole said...

It's funny how they keep on doing that...the wheels...turning;that is.

Karen said...

I an SOOOOOOOOO happy happy to hear that you did not go to respite Michael! Sounds like you had a "blast" on the weekend. Hooray for wine and pizza, two of my fave things.

Your grandies are gorgeous. Now, just watch the time fly as they grow up. My granddaughter is 6 already. Gee, that makes me feel old. LOL

Have a great weekend.


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