Thursday, September 29, 2011

Today Was a Better Day

Today was a better day as I've decided to enjoy next week and then put myself to work to get control I once had over my blood sugar levels. It will mean meeting with a dietitian adhering to a strict diet and increasing the level of physical activity as much as I can.

I will probably start by taking my manual chair out of the closet and use it, if it's only in our condo it may not be much yet at least it will be a start. I do not believe I will have great difficulty following a diet the only thing I know I will miss is that cream in my daily 2 cups of coffee. It shouldn't be too difficult to do without.

We are almost packed and ready to go, I should have a few photos to share upon our return.

Take care

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This morning my Dr. came for a visit, one I could do without.

A few years after my diagnosis with Primary Progressive MS I was also diagnosed with high blood pressure and type II diabetes.

I am probably one of the only ones left with an MD who does house calls which is great. She showed up this morning with the results from my latest blood work, do the exercises, watch the salt, lose the weight, blah blah blah.

I can't fricken walk, my exercise consists of going to the washroom, using the microwave, making a coffee oh and occasionally lifting some 2 pound weights which are incredibly heavy. Normally I'll have two yogurts in the morning and one bottle of Glucerna in the afternoon. I have a coffee in the morning a glass of cranberry juice and eat a normal dinner when my spouse returns from work.

What do I cut out now?

Sometimes don't you just feel like calling it quits or come on give me a break enough already!

I am a patient guy who is becoming very impatient with all of this crap

Monday, September 26, 2011

Shaving Made Easier

At certain times albeit not that often issues arise which are easily solved.  During the last several months the simple task of shaving with a blade and gel proved difficult.  For some reason the skin on my face didn't have a problem with the razor itself it was my inability to hold the razor steady as I moved the blade down on my beard . It's those involuntary side to side movements that didn't go so well.  I'd end up with a number of cuts, minor ones yet they still pose an inconvenience as you must wait until the bleeding stops before you can put on a T-shirt with any hopes of keeping it free from bloodstains.  So I've given up on this method, let's say I've traded it in. 

It was actually intended to be a Christmas gift yet to be honest I had little difficulty convincing my spouse that I should receive this item early. It's an electric shaver a dry/wet one which means I can use it in the shower.  I did the research and selected this model for a few reasons, the shape of the handle lead me to believe it would be simple to hold and maneuver requiring little dexterity and it came in my favorite color to boot .

The only thing I wasn't looking forward to is the period of adaptation which is normally required when going from blades to an electric shaver.  If you have never tried it the transition can be a difficult, there is even a page in the packaging with one message printed in bold. "Don't Give up."

I was very surprised during my first experience, although I had shaved with an electric shaver many years ago I was expecting that difficult period of adaptation .  However, someone must have looked down on me and thought I deserved a break "no kidding" the first shave went extremely well without a single hick up.

I'm quite pleased with the results, pleased I will longer be contributing blood and slicing my face.  As mentioned I don't believe those blades were ever intended for side to side motion!

Now I have the difficult task of trying to find another Christmas gift my spouse can wrap for me.  This shouldn't be difficult as I can always find something if I try hard enough LOL.

Friday, September 23, 2011


We certainly have some time before we can experience the colors shown in this photo yet it is only a question of time.   The transformation itself does not last that long, before you know it the leaves are gone enjoy it while you can.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons probably tied with spring when everything comes to life.
I love the freshness in the air the ability to move with no constraints being able to open windows and enjoy the fresh air without the dreaded humidity.

As the temperature and humidity rises my limbs and my ability to move become more difficult.  At some point turing me into a virtual blob of Jell-O unable to perform the simplest tasks. 

In the dead of winter it's the complete opposite it's as if I had been dead for several hours rigamortice affecting all of my limbs.  Ahh the joys of MS yet on the bright side since we experience four distinct seasons in this part of Canada I should be okay 50% of the time.

I trust you enjoy the background picture taken several years ago when one had to rely on 35mm film.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Art Therapy Classes

Several weeks ago our MS chapter announced an art therapy class to be given every two weeks, I signed up.

Yesterday was our first class and while I had participated in these therapy classes in the past I had not done so for quite some time. For one thing it was nice to see many familiar faces from our previous sessions, it's comforting to speak with someone who truly understands what something like fatigue is, unless they have MS it is impossible for them to understand.. We are definitely unique individuals yet we are linked together with a very strong bond. I mean this is one that would put the Knights of Columbus to shame.

None of us are artists yet some are better than others. My art would be classified as "disposable art" once you're done with it you ditch it! It is difficult for me to hold on to a paintbrush nevermind trying to get something half decent on the canvas yet that's not the reason I attend it is the interaction with others. It forces me out of the house and places me in a group where a therapist guides us through our drawings and discussions. People who have never participated are usually the ones who are affected most during those initial sessions for many whom are mostly women it is an emotional release to realize that you are not alone and others can relate to their difficulties. Initially tears are shed as the common realities surrounding MS surface, realities which involve relationships, loss of physical abilities, cognitive issues, optic neuritis, medication and I could go on and on.

As mentioned it had been some time since this course had been offered and as I sat there looking around the room it was nice to see my old friends.

In closing, you would think that people who organize this type of activity would have put some thought into the facilities.

Yesterday there were three of us in wheelchairs,
Do You Think They Had an Accessible Washroom?
Nada, Not one!

And by the way I am not likely to return which is unfortunate since I enjoyed participating in these get-togethers.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Our Labor Day weekend.

This year I decided to stay home to allow some time for my spouse to visit our grandkids our two daughters and son in law. I can't believe how fast they've grown starting off as a 980 g preemie Timothy is now 1 1/2 years old and in perfect health. Our youngest daughter had a little girl at 4 months Danika is a cheerful bundle of joy.

Instead of heading off to our un-accessible short term care facility, I decided to call the CLSC to make arrangements for homecare.

Basically a nurses aide comes by in the morning to help me out of bed and again in the evening to help me into bed. I've used the service in the past and it worked reasonably well my only beef were the hours or their schedule. It was not uncommon for them to show up at 7:30 PM to help me and then return the next morning at 10:30 AM to get me out of bed. That is quite long certainly a lot longer than I'm accustomed to, I requested a change so that I could at least go to bed at a reasonable time maybe nine or 10 PM and the next morning up around 7 AM. Sounds reasonable doesn't it?

So Saturday morning my wife took off with the van on her way to Barrie Ontario. Around 7 PM I tried to anticipate at what time the nurses aide would arrive, no one by 8 PM, 9 PM "wow I thought they finally were able to adjust their schedule." Problem is 10 PM came around still no one, 11 PM, 12 AM, 1 AM.

They had forgotten me plain and simple so I had to stay in my chair all night! Thank goodnesst I have the tilt feature which allows me to recline somewhat making it more comfortable. I tucked a pillow under my head and slept on and off after a couple of scotch on the rocks. I was so pissed off well let's leave it at that.

Sunday morning around 10 AM there is a knock at the door. It's the lady from the CLSC to help me out of bed, of course she notices that I am sitting in my chair. After I explained the dilemma she spent some time on her cellular phone to inquire as to what happened? I was at least provided with a few telephone numbers to call in case the situation ever repeated itself. The last thing I wanted to do was to see or deal with anyone from that government agency so I canceled the service for that evening and the next morning. This time I was at least prepared and made arrangements to change the cushion on my chair lift my feet onto a couple of pillows and grab a blanket it was nice and comfy. The second night actually went by much quicker and I must've slept quite a bit as I remembered several of my dreams. I awoke around 7 AM had breakfast and a good day, my spouse returned early that afternoon.

I should mention my second night was made comfortable in large part due to help I received from one of my friends. Pierre visited me prior to lights out lifted my legs onto some soft pillows etc. etc. as I mentioned I was comfy. This afternoon I received a call from the person responsible at this organization and like all organizations of this size they couldn't quite figure out what happened. They provided they number of hypothesis as to why it could have occurred but I truly really didn't care. It seems the larger the organization the harder it is for someone to say they screwed up and the easier it is to blame it on some scheduling problem some system or computer software. Blame it on something else yet never never accept the blame.

In the end you get to see a few pictures and quickly forget about the hassles you've gone through and realize it was all worthwhile!

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