Monday, September 26, 2011

Shaving Made Easier

At certain times albeit not that often issues arise which are easily solved.  During the last several months the simple task of shaving with a blade and gel proved difficult.  For some reason the skin on my face didn't have a problem with the razor itself it was my inability to hold the razor steady as I moved the blade down on my beard . It's those involuntary side to side movements that didn't go so well.  I'd end up with a number of cuts, minor ones yet they still pose an inconvenience as you must wait until the bleeding stops before you can put on a T-shirt with any hopes of keeping it free from bloodstains.  So I've given up on this method, let's say I've traded it in. 

It was actually intended to be a Christmas gift yet to be honest I had little difficulty convincing my spouse that I should receive this item early. It's an electric shaver a dry/wet one which means I can use it in the shower.  I did the research and selected this model for a few reasons, the shape of the handle lead me to believe it would be simple to hold and maneuver requiring little dexterity and it came in my favorite color to boot .

The only thing I wasn't looking forward to is the period of adaptation which is normally required when going from blades to an electric shaver.  If you have never tried it the transition can be a difficult, there is even a page in the packaging with one message printed in bold. "Don't Give up."

I was very surprised during my first experience, although I had shaved with an electric shaver many years ago I was expecting that difficult period of adaptation .  However, someone must have looked down on me and thought I deserved a break "no kidding" the first shave went extremely well without a single hick up.

I'm quite pleased with the results, pleased I will longer be contributing blood and slicing my face.  As mentioned I don't believe those blades were ever intended for side to side motion!

Now I have the difficult task of trying to find another Christmas gift my spouse can wrap for me.  This shouldn't be difficult as I can always find something if I try hard enough LOL.


Studio Jo said...

Fancy new razor! It's about time! lol. I always remember you shaving with an electric razor :)
Have a lovely day!

MikeH said...

Did you happen to notice the color?
Of course it had to be blue.
Have a great day

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

Yes I would think electric is safe! Hope you like it...Nice

Anonymous said...

I, too, have somewhat(not 100%) converted to using an electric shaver, especially, when we're down south. My regular razor is still an option (especially, after 50+ years). However, I find the convenience of the electric shaver much better. No messy shaving cream, dirty sink to clean, expensive blades to buy, or... blood stains to cover up. Also, I find that I can shave pretty much anywhere in the house, especially, while watching TV. Seems like I can multitask while shaving. It takes a little time to get use the the... not as close shave, but, it will work for you. Rog

MikeH said...

the one I purchased is a wet/dry shaver. It can be used in the shower or with shaving cream if you would like. I know what you mean about letting your skin adjusts to this different type of shaving but honestly for me it seemed to work the first time out.
I will not be bringing it next week simply because I'd be afraid of having it damaged.
Take care

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