Thursday, September 29, 2011

Today Was a Better Day

Today was a better day as I've decided to enjoy next week and then put myself to work to get control I once had over my blood sugar levels. It will mean meeting with a dietitian adhering to a strict diet and increasing the level of physical activity as much as I can.

I will probably start by taking my manual chair out of the closet and use it, if it's only in our condo it may not be much yet at least it will be a start. I do not believe I will have great difficulty following a diet the only thing I know I will miss is that cream in my daily 2 cups of coffee. It shouldn't be too difficult to do without.

We are almost packed and ready to go, I should have a few photos to share upon our return.

Take care

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Karen said...

Yay Michael! Good decisions! Have a wonderful holiday and take lots of pics!

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