Friday, September 23, 2011


We certainly have some time before we can experience the colors shown in this photo yet it is only a question of time.   The transformation itself does not last that long, before you know it the leaves are gone enjoy it while you can.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons probably tied with spring when everything comes to life.
I love the freshness in the air the ability to move with no constraints being able to open windows and enjoy the fresh air without the dreaded humidity.

As the temperature and humidity rises my limbs and my ability to move become more difficult.  At some point turing me into a virtual blob of Jell-O unable to perform the simplest tasks. 

In the dead of winter it's the complete opposite it's as if I had been dead for several hours rigamortice affecting all of my limbs.  Ahh the joys of MS yet on the bright side since we experience four distinct seasons in this part of Canada I should be okay 50% of the time.

I trust you enjoy the background picture taken several years ago when one had to rely on 35mm film.

Have a great weekend!


Karen said...

I love autumn! It's always been my favourite time of year. And...I like winter!
Great bg photo. I have a lot of photos from a 35mm camera that I am scanning.

Studio Jo said...

Fall is definitely my favourite season. I dread winter, but I like that tiny bit of fall we do get. Is that photo taken in Gatineau?

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

Spring is my favorite season. I cannot take winter because of the way you described it! I freeze to the bone

MikeH said...

Whatever you do don't skimp on the resolution, that's what I did and it is why my picture isn't as sharp as it should be.
Unfortunately I no longer have the photograph so it's live and learn.
Take care

I think the government should provide us with a grant to allow us relocation funds to a more suitable climate don't you think LOL.
Something like that Fiji Islands Bora Bora or even the Cayman Islands would do for me.

Studio Jo
First it feels funny calling my daughter by that name. The picture was taken in Gatineau many years ago when I had my Nikon camera.

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