Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Art Therapy Classes

Several weeks ago our MS chapter announced an art therapy class to be given every two weeks, I signed up.

Yesterday was our first class and while I had participated in these therapy classes in the past I had not done so for quite some time. For one thing it was nice to see many familiar faces from our previous sessions, it's comforting to speak with someone who truly understands what something like fatigue is, unless they have MS it is impossible for them to understand.. We are definitely unique individuals yet we are linked together with a very strong bond. I mean this is one that would put the Knights of Columbus to shame.

None of us are artists yet some are better than others. My art would be classified as "disposable art" once you're done with it you ditch it! It is difficult for me to hold on to a paintbrush nevermind trying to get something half decent on the canvas yet that's not the reason I attend it is the interaction with others. It forces me out of the house and places me in a group where a therapist guides us through our drawings and discussions. People who have never participated are usually the ones who are affected most during those initial sessions for many whom are mostly women it is an emotional release to realize that you are not alone and others can relate to their difficulties. Initially tears are shed as the common realities surrounding MS surface, realities which involve relationships, loss of physical abilities, cognitive issues, optic neuritis, medication and I could go on and on.

As mentioned it had been some time since this course had been offered and as I sat there looking around the room it was nice to see my old friends.

In closing, you would think that people who organize this type of activity would have put some thought into the facilities.

Yesterday there were three of us in wheelchairs,
Do You Think They Had an Accessible Washroom?
Nada, Not one!

And by the way I am not likely to return which is unfortunate since I enjoyed participating in these get-togethers.


Karen said...

How nice to get out and about! I haven't picked up a paint brush in years. I used to be an art therapy facilitator.

Unfortunately many people that are not disabled, haven't a clue as to what is necessary to make for comfortable surroundings for those that are. Sorry you won't be able to go again.

MikeH said...

Wow that is fantastic that you were involved in this type of therapy. You know exactly what I'm talking about.

What makes me most upset about the situation is that it was organized by the MS Society?

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

You should show us your art! It sounds nice to do art sorta...well not having the restroom accessible would be a problem for me!!

MikeH said...

Hi Kim,
Thanks for your comment, I am working on something which I may post if it happens to look half decent LOL.
The real artist in our family is our oldest daughter who has just started a blog. She is extremely talented
to give you an idea if you happened to have watched the Vancouver Olympic Games you must have noticed all of the flags.
She had a hand in designing almost each and every one and there were hundreds!

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