Thursday, December 9, 2010

This was the final straw!

My discharge is scheduled for tomorrow morning and that will happen come hell or high water. Since residents with mobility impairments only receive one bath per week mind was scheduled for this evening which was fine as I would meet my spouse the next morning clean and refreshed.

Unfortunately the hydraulic lift for the bath broke as a result I had to pass on the bath option and resort to what I've been doing for the past week which is washing myself with a washcloth soap and towel a sponge bath really. It goes without saying I will not be looking my best tomorrow morning, I can only be thankful that my hair is short and doesn't look that bad after all but really when is this Nightmare Going To End?


Sherri said...

Oh Mike...
I know you must be relieved that your "vacation" is just about over. It sounds as if you made the best of the environment and maintained a bit of humor. I know it's great your spouse was able to get a vacation and have some time to just be. Caregivers have a tough go of it... and I guess what I'm trying to get at is that you are wonderful... staying in a facility, tolerating the care, giving your wife a much deserved vacay! And with no apparent hard feelings at all! It's got to be tough on the both of you and I'm sure she probably doesn't like leaving you behind.... that must suck for her!

Glad you are going to be reunited and heading home!

Karen said...

I am glad you are going home today Mike. You have had a rough go of it in that place.
Happy Anniversary to you and Mrs Mike.

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