Monday, December 6, 2010

How can people be so blind

So this morning I decided to voice my opinion with the person responsible for the floor that I'm on which is basically a short stay unit for persons who have had surgery or need some time away from home.
We began by discussing the fall I had taken, the reasons why and how it could be prevented in the future. I had to show the person responsible that one of the chairs utilized in the washroom was adjustable which would have made a tremendous difference. She was unaware of the adjustment and in the beginning told me flat out that it could not be adjusted, after explaining how to do it she was able to adjust the chair to the proper height within minutes.

I showed her the grab bar in the washroom and how ineffective it was being totally useless due to the placement of the toilet paper dispenser. How can you grab hold of the bar when the dispenser is in the way?

I was about to bring up other items when the conversation was cut short by being informed that the facility was not really meant for me in a motorized chair? When I mentioned that most guests were wheelchair-bound I was told that was incorrect most patients were ambulatory. Also, the building itself was meant to cater to persons 65 years or older! As well when we came right down to it they were unable to cater to my requirements or needs. Oddly during each of my meals it was fairly easy to see the majority of people were  using manual wheelchairs. Several had suffered strokes wheelchair bound taking physiotherapy for their long journey back to independence.

In my estimation at least 80% of the people that were there during my stay were wheelchair-bound.
So I questioned the installation of various items such as the installation of the mirror which is so high no one can see their face when shaving. Asked about the toilet and whether or not it met building codes, I knew it did not yet at this point I also realized my chances of ever coming back to this location were becoming less likely the more I pursued.

Finally I received the truth, it all came down to the almighty buck, the facility was built quickly with minimal funds to accommodate a growing need. There is no doubt the need is there but if you're going to build something build it correctly remember.
 "Universal Access"
This afternoon I went back and told her that the potty chair would most likely suit my needs. She was pleased yet indicated that only one existed and if I wanted to return I would have to bring my own.
I'm at a  loss for words, take a look at the pictures which follow to get a sense of what I'm speaking of.
Never would I have imagined that at my age I would have to fight for the right to crap wherever the bloody hell I wanted to especially when my condo was literally in sight and less than a few hundred yards away!

But hey it's beautiful outside what with all that white stuff arriving just in time for Christmas too

Merry Christmas


manon said...

Thats ridiculous. It sounds like they are treating you like a child, and one who doesn't know what hes talking about. i could just picture the look on her face when you showed her she was wrong lol. how long are you there for? i hope you get to go home soon. if you need anything i dont have a phone but i look at my e mail everyday so just let me know...i can come sign you out if needed....

love you.

Matt said...

It's "interesting" how people are treating you. I'm already thinking ahead for communication ideas for if people ever treat me like that.

It's weird when people would rather make excuses than listen and change things. It's not like improvements to the facility would come out of her pocket.

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