Friday, December 31, 2010

Impossible can't be 54 already still don't know what I want to be.

I don't look any different, had a haircut yesterday and the same amount of gray fell on my gown. Look about the same as I did the day before. Don't suspect I'll see much change tomorrow either although I certainly wish some aspects would change, for instance getting rid of this stupid chair I've had glued on my butt now for over seven years now wouldn't that be something! Maybe this will be the year some scientist stumbles makes a mistake and comes up with a concoction to treat those of us with primary progressive MS. Turned 54 today yikes 54 I'm certain someone has the numbers reversed should probably be 35 sounds much better and I must admit I felt much better from a mobility standpoint there wasn't that much of a problem.
There was no problem taking a bath I could even dress myself by myself and eat without having to have someone cut my food.

There's no doubt that's why it's called primary progressive yet I have to admit after a while you get sick and tired of it, you get sick and tired of walking into the neurologists office for a semiannual checkup which is really just a chitchat on how you're doing because there is nothing they can offer. For the most part the visits are necessary to fulfill the insurance companies requirements for maintaining long-term disability there is also medication to relieve the symptoms caused by MS yet nothing for the disease itself.
All of you know that I'm just venting that is all apparently it's therapeutic, should've asked for a plastic dummy at least I could've kicked the crap out of it. Come to think of it I couldn't do that my legs don't work yet I'm sure I could find some unique and original way to deflate the bugger.

There I've vented and I feel better all except for the fact that in today's mail I received my personal access number from revenue Canada to file my tax return!

Happy New Year


Stuff could always be worse said...

Yes venting is good! Another year ahead of us!

MikeH said...

Well I guess I'm not that worried one of my friends just reminded me I was 54 and 53 LOL
you've got to love it

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Mike. I'm 54...doesn't feel much different than 53 LOL.

Great vent, hope it helped!

Wishing you and yours all the best in 2011.

Peace Be With You said...

Go ahead and vent.

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