Friday, December 17, 2010

Seven days to shop

Well optimistically I still have almost 7 days to complete my Christmas shopping this year Yahoo.

Not that I will be doing much shopping I usually do it online but this year with my wife's trip to Mexico and our lack of real needs we decided to go easy on the gifts this year.

We would've liked to go and spend some time with our new grandson in Barrie Ontario however my spouse does not have that many days off and we're not terribly fond of driving six hours for a one or two day stay. What also makes it difficult is that I have to rent a hotel room that is handicapped accessible while we are there which is a pain but we will go and see him come springtime.

It will be fairly quiet this year last year we received everyone from my spouses side of the family for Christmas dinner and that was close to 30 people in a condo. It went off without a hitch and everyone had a good time, this year the dinner is at another family member's home which is not accessible as they are serving dinner in the basement. I have stopped trying to understand and frankly I don't give a !!! For Thanksgiving we went to a friends home which was also not accessible yet using a few pieces of lumber as a makeshift ramp he pulled me up the stairs and brought me down later that evening, oh and did I mention he has MS.

I guess with this type of situation the amount of effort one puts in is in direct proportion to one's willingness to go the extra mile.

Instead we have our godchild coming over with his family on Christmas Eve for a visit and on Christmas Day we are going to the casino with a couple of friends returning home for a traditional Christmas dinner.

Told you.
Nemo was his name, he was born long before Disney came out with the movie and we are still waiting for royalty fees LOL

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Karen said...

A quiet Christmas is very nice. Hubber's and I have Christmas day to ourselves this year. We can get up when we want, stay in jammies all day if we want to, eat a leisurely brunch, open pressies calmly, listen to whatever music we want, eat a Christmas dinner we like (this year it's grilled steak), drink champagne...and relax.
It will be divine!

Nemo is such a cutie!!!!!!

Cheers, I hope you win at the casino, and Have a Merry Christmas!

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