Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Yesterday I needed to take my chair in to have some items installed parts which were on backorder. Of course while I was there I needed to use the facilities and after such wondered whether I should change the name of this blog to something resembling "The Bathroom Reader" except it would be specific to persons having mobility impairments. The last few months I've been in many washrooms I would certify as outhouses, some a little bit better, those I felt comfortable in and finally the five-star facilities! Possibly this would be a viable name "searching for a five-star outhouse"

This place I went to in order to have my chair repaired is run by the Québec government the same government that regulates the establishment I am in currently. Take a look at the pictures below and decide for yourselves where you would rather go LOL should be an easy decision.

Hopefully this will be the last in my installment of outhouses unless of course I haven't spoken of the one at the Ottawa airport.

My stay here is coming to an end shortly my spouse should pick me up on December 10 our 33rd wedding anniversary unless of course she has met some Mexican in Mexico and has decided to take up residence there. Can't say I blame her LOL.


Karen said...

Great outhouse Mike...too bad you can't stay there ;)

Kim said...

Cool outhouse! lol, needed always?

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