Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Throughout the years one of the many things I've come to accept from having progressive MS is to realize I must rely on others for many trivial tasks, it would be difficult for me to itemize all of them yet there are hundreds. One certainty it humbles you as becomming more and more dependent on others you cannot help but feel a sense of helplessness your pride well it initially takes quite a beating. A few years ago I would try and do everything by myself today if someone offers a helping hand I gladly accept and have no qualms about it however occasionally I tackle an obstacle which should be left for someone more capable yet I strive and strive to achieve my goal being very persistent rarely do I not accomplish what I set out to do however I end up suffering with the physical consequences of my actions.
Oddly enough I still feel a sense of pride even if the tasks are minimal in nature.

Yesterday was a great day my brother came over and took me out for lunch! We do not see each other that often, recently retired he lives in the Toronto area spending part of the winter in Florida, it was nice to get together.
We went out for some food at a new Thi restaurant walking distance from our condo. You would think that I could escape from MS for a few moments at least long enough to enjoy lunch however MS ensures that nothing is easy, even when you want MS to hide its ugly head simple things ensure that you never forget its presence. We arrive at the restaurant, someone is parked on the ramp which gives access to the sidewalk and entrance to the restaurant. No big deal my brother finds the owner in one of the stores who excuses herself and moves her vehicle. Granted proper signage would probably help in this situation, there is nothing to indicate the presence of a ramp.
Personally my thoughts are if you need a sign telling you not to park on a ramp you've left your brain bucket at home with your brain in it. Alone I would have had to wait until that person exited the store before listening to their apology in this instance I was lucky as I was not alone. Problem is we had not even entered the restaurant and already MS had shown its ugly head.

I ordered spring rolls as an appetizer and a chicken dish for the main course. The spring rolls were delicious yet their texture made them difficult to cut with a butter knife luckily my brother noticed the difficulty I was having and offered to cut them for me. Years ago things like that would have driven me up the wall today they simply come part and parcel with my inability to accomplish some of the most simplest tasks, the chicken was fantastic a bit spicy for my taste yet still very good I will definitely return with Denise.

On another note next week I should receive a call to schedule an appointment so that my seatbelt on my power wheelchair can be changed to one which has been crash tested. Currently when I attach the seat belt it does not fit securely upon my hips, replacing the existing belt with the newer one should finalize the modifications to my vehicle and chair this over one a half years after receiving the vehicle. Needless to say I will be glad when it's all over.

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