Thursday, July 9, 2009

At the very least I'm receiving e-mails, they are working on it? Don't know what they could be working on its quite easy actually, you either have or you do not have rooms for the mobility impaired. If you plan on making them available you should be working on construction plans. As for my trip, been back home now for a bit and have no plans to revisit in the near future.

I found these in my old archives of our trip to Québec city to celebrate the city's 400th anniversary. If I'm not mistaken the city was named the most accessible?

This is a so-called adapted room from the same hotel chain, at least in this instance they made a feeble attempt by raising the toilet making transfers easier yet I can't help but get a kick from their decision to install the grab bar behind the toilet.

Difficult to imagine how one would use it to assist in standing unless you were forced to sit sideways and yes that's how I had to use it for the time we were there. There were plenty of grab bars in the bathtub however one would have to step over the edge in order to shower or at least have a seat to bathe using a handheld shower, the seats were unavailable.

As for shaving you had a choice of losing your knees since the counter was so low or doing without for a few days. They say a picture is worth 1000 words I will let you be the judge.

On the other hand there are some fantastic hotel rooms that go above and beyond what I would expect. Here are a few photographs of a five-star hotel we recently spent a week at.

As you can see I have not quite mastered the art of positioning photographs within the blog so you'll have to excuse me yet be assured I'm working on it. Now the pictures above represent a five star fully adapted hotel room with all the amenities one would desire, not only is there a wheel in shower there is also a nice soaker tub with proper toilet and a grab bar. At the bed there is a ceiling track for someone requiring a lift, the track extends to the toilet and the shower making this the most accommodating room I've ever been in. I am however a perfectionist and tend to pick out small things which could be improved upon in virtually anything I see, in this instance management were thoughtful in placing a phone next to the facilities help would only be a call away. It's difficult to see since the picture is so small yet if you place your mouse on the picture and left click it will enlarge enabling you to see it quite clearly.
It's unlikely you would utilize the phone to replace a paper roll or bring you an extra towel in essence you would require it if you fell which unfortunately would place the handset out of reach being on the floor not able to stand. I still have to give them five stars for the effort I mean come on now how picky does one have to be.

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