Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hilton in Niagara Falls comes up short offering services for mobility impaired guests.

Without Prejudice

We had planned a trip to visit the Niagara Falls area at the end of June and decided to make our reservations at the Hilton after all I always felt it was the best.
One of the many disadvantages of being disabled begins with reservations, virtually all hotels or entertainment venues require you to contact them directly to reserve accessible rooms or in the case of concerts reservations are made by calling the hotel. The rooms suitable for mobility impaired guests are almost never noted on their websites. This raises another concern in that you cannot make your reservations online and in most cases you lose any incentives or price reductions which may apply. Case in point my wife and I traveled with another couple who were able to take advantage of discounts we were unable to attain. In the end we lost out and ended up paying more than our friends.
Before we left I contacted the hotel that is the Niagara Falls Hilton in Niagara Falls and confirmed the availability of rooms accommodating mobility impaired guests. After being on hold for a bit the person confirmed that rooms were available thus I made the necessary reservations. As I mentioned previously the cost was a bit more than our friends yet when you are wheelchair-bound you cannot take the chance so you accept it and pay the extra cost.
I explained our ordeal in detail with the letter that follows, after visiting several rooms it was either five or six I've forgotten it became apparent that this hotel offered no rooms for the mobility impaired. We settled on a suite located on the 39th floor providing a spectacular view of the Canadian falls. That was great the only problem was that I had to do without a shower for two days and using the toilet facilities proved to be quite a challenge as a matter of fact we left the hotel to use the facilities at another location which were adapted.

For me the answer is quite simple if you do not have rooms suited for mobility impaired guests say so at the beginning thereby saving everyone a lot of grief and negative feedback which will give a heads up to anyone thinking of booking at this hotel if they require mobility modified rooms. As I said the room on the 39th floor was spectacular yet in all honesty I would've settled for something on the first floor facing the rear of the building if it had only been modified to suit my needs.

I sent the following letter to the Hilton and have yet to receive a response which shows me how much they care about customer service. Not all Hiltons are the same as I've had terrific service and suitable modified accommodations at the Hilton in downtown Toronto, the Hilton in Québec city at least made an attempt yet it fell a bit short of providing excellent accommodations however I was told of their limitations when I made the booking which made all the difference as I knew what I was getting into. The Niagara Falls Hilton said nothing other than yes we have rooms for the disabled. That is my bone of contention I've included a few photo graphs so you can see what they consider adapted? I wish I could have them spend a week in a wheelchair having to stay in one of their rooms.

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