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July 1, 2009 Letter to Hilton

July 1, 2009 Without Prejudice

To whom it may concern,

Having just arrived home from a two night stay at your location in Niagara Falls Ontario I had to voice my concern relating to the lack of facilities for mobility impaired guests even though I was assured rooms for the mobility impaired were available when making my reservations .
Our customer service contact's first name was Jennifer, although she was a recent hire she provided us with exemplary customer service that went above and beyond attempting to satisfy my needs. You should strive to have employees of this caliber in all functions, on the other hand your responsibility should also rest providing your employees with the knowledge and tools necessary to meet your customers needs. Your staff should know before hand which rooms meet a particular customer's requirements without having to go back and forth to the manager and have them provide room numbers obviously pulled out of a hat in the hopes that one will satisfy the customer, at one point my wife and I felt like a yo yo.

Our reservations first started with room 804 which quite evidently did not suit anyone who was wheelchair bound, this followed with a visit to a room on the seventh floor, the 13th floor and then finely the 31st floor room 3101 to be exact. While this room offered a spectacular view of the falls it fell far short from meeting our requirements.

This year I stayed at your establishment in Toronto, Montréal and now Niagara Falls.
The Toronto location was ideal and well-suited for someone with mobility impairments. The shower was a wheel in type with a bench, the toilet had a number of grab bars located as defined by the Ontario disabilities act , for some reason I expected the same level of service from your other locations however
Québec city left a bit to be desired, our visit to Niagara did not even come close to meeting our expectations.

Before MS forced me into retirement ensuring customer satisfaction for our customers was one of my major responsibilities this is why you are receiving this e-mail, as you probably know 90% of dissatisfied customers simply walk away and take their business elsewhere without voicing their concern. Look at it as a way of improving your service since you are receiving honest unbiased feedback from one of your customers.
I can send you pictures of what was deemed suitable for mobility impaired patrons yet these would only confirm that there were no grab bars of any kind at any location and that the shower was suitable for someone who could stand and walk, I wish I could.

I will be posting my experience on my blog I will be writing a letter voicing my dissatisfaction to the Canadian MS society including the Ontario Gov. general. I cannot believe that an establishment such as the Hilton would knowingly misrepresent its facilities to potential guests. Quite simply if you require the services of an ergo therapist, a physiotherapist or even someone familiar with the Ontario Disabilities Act I am certain they would be more than pleased to assist you in making minor modifications to your existing layout which would at least designate some of your rooms as truly accessible. I am certain you can understand why I would not be able to recommend the Hilton as suitable for individuals such as myself.

You can be certain I will include you in the documentation I forward to the parties mentioned and even provide you with an opportunity to visit my blog to view the so-called accessible rooms.
To say I was disappointed is an understatement, while the view was spectacular it did nothing to meet my needs.


Michael Halashyn

107-515 La Gappe
Gatineau, Quebec
J8T 8R8

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