Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's the most unliked time of the year

It was after all inevitable, rich or poor sick or healthy it doesn't really matter. You could be dead and it still wouldn't matter.
They would find you, analyze and in the end leave you with a sense of emptiness all around. Yes it had to happen MS or not!

I Received My Tax Software Package Today

Actually the receipts started pouring in very early this year. First in line were the federal and provincial envelopes containing our very own unique identification code to file online.

Should be fairly easy this year other than my spouse mine will be something resembling.

0+0-0x0+0% of line 162 equals zero
Amount Due $.10
Refund $.0000
Amounts greater or lesser than $2.00 are neither reimbursed or collected.
Cool finally some breathing room.

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Karen said...

I don't mind tax time. Since Hubber's can now claim me as a full dependent, and I have no income, we always get money back.

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