Thursday, February 24, 2011

Expensive little battery

Good morning everyone,

Haven't had that much to write about lately which is positive especially with MS, numerous things occur on a daily basis which makes quiet uneventful times very enjoyable.

Several weeks ago when I fell while my spouse was away we tried using my lift chair upon her arrival , nothing more than an electric bath chair, it lifts me high enough that I can transfer to my wheelchair. The trick is I have to make certain I am rested before attempting to lift my butt onto the chair if I'm exhausted forget it.
The chair isn't exactly as shown this seat was replaced with one of those wooden tops from a TV tray, it is sturdier yet rests approximately 3 inches from the ground when fully lowered.

As usual after checking to make certain I was okay she went got the chair from our bedroom positioned it behind me and I sat on the wooden bench only to press the up button and hear a beep? Tried it again up down still a beep, at this point we realized the chair was broken could not be used thus we had to rely on our ambulance service to pick me up and transfer me to my wheelchair.

I've had time to diagnose the problem caused by adead battery a small 12 V lead acid battery which costs $28 in the United States $64 in Canada! Parity who are we kidding we are simply getting hosed however I needed it ordered it yesterday should have it in my possession February 28 which is definitely an advantage over having to wait several weeks for the item to go through customs, brokerage fees etc. so I'm happy or at least satisfied. I will be very pleased if I have diagnosed the problem properly.

Here is a picture of the chair even though I am certain you have seen them before.

On another note, would anyone know how to copy or backup all of the posts written on your blog? There are quite a few things I would like to add yet I'm not certain if I've spoken of them previously. If anyone knows please let me know here or send me a note at
Have a Great Day

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Karen said...

Hi Michael,
I too hope you have made the right diagnosis.

I make copies of all my blog posts in notepad and save them in a documents file.


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