Thursday, February 3, 2011

All I need is a patch and some glue.

Excuse the pun however sitting on one's but all the time is a pain in the, well you know. In order to prevent sores from sitting all the time I utilize a variety of cushions, must have six of them and like everything else I have my favourites.
The other day while sitting having dinner at a friend's house the dining room table appeared as if it was rising getting higher and higher it took a while for me to realize there was an air leak in my favourite cushion.

The next day we went to Canadian tire and purchased a patch repair kit normally used for bicycles, seemed to work but not for long a day or so later it was flat again so I called Roho the manufacture. Finding them was easy yet like most companies even if they list a Canadian location on Google they are actually in the states, no big deal I've ordered plenty of things before without running into any problems. However this time what I required could not be shipped to Canada. It consists of a small tube of neoprene glue and a couple of patches, I suspect the glue is the culprit as it is highly flammable. The customer service person I spoke with was very kind and courteous providing me with their distributor in Canada along with the phone number. The call to the distributor was also pleasant and resulted in two additional phone numbers for their dealers in my area. Tomorrow I have to call them and find out how much this kit will cost.

Today I'm using a different Roho is called a high profile cushion and while comfortable I don't like it that much. I want my mosaic which is the actual name of the cushion back inflated. It's been good I must admit I've had it for quite a few years and every time I stand or transfer and sit down again well let's say this sitting down part is more of a controlled crash. It's amazing it's lasted this long and I'll bet once repaired it will provide a few more years of comfort.

Today is Thursday and the saga continues, as previously mentioned I was provided with several dealers to contact, as it turns out nobody seems to know what the hell I'm talking about even though it is available. I called the Canadian supplier again and was given another number "one of their best dealers"
he doesn't have a clue either. I have a feeling my cushion will stay in its current unusable condition flattened the wind kicked out of it until I find some means of obtaining the proper materials to repair it. Until then I'm using a different seat cushion which is not a Roho.

I did contact a local repair shop "Courtland mobility" when I inquired about the patch they gave me a ballpark figure of one hour labour $50 plus parts? The cushion itself sells for $100 brand-new so hopefully I will be able to obtain the necessary repair kit for quite a bit less. Luckily I'm patient and my voice recognition program permits me to write many letters.

Many times I have to wonder about things we go through to have the simplest things done I mean come on if I was looking for sniffing glue in order to get high I probably have 50 people lined up ready to sell me some!


After numerous calls I finally spoke with a customer service representative who knew what I was talking about. It comes down to this, "this type of cushion cannot be repaired "it's made of a different material they have no patching compound other than the patch you receive when you first purchase the cushion. Be forewarned if you purchase one make certain you can obtain patching material in the future because it's only a question of time before you spring a leak.


Karen said...

That's frustrating. I try not to buy anything online from the States, because with our whacky customs laws, you never know what is allowed in to the country.
DId you try duct tape ;)

Kim-Stuff could be worse said...

Oh how frustrating these repair problems are!! These items are necessary but so hard to find??
Hope you do get what you need

Donna Sullivan said...

Mike, I recently came across your blog and checked out your previous one for Pet Peeves. I am the community manager for a new social community for people with MS and we are very serious about providing content that addresses real issues. I think your writing is great and your message is important. I invite you to check us out at and email me your thoughts. I am at And sorry about your cushion, I am a big believer in duct tape fixes everything, but in this case - i am not so sure!

Danielle Boenisch said...

My name is Danielle Boenisch and I am with The ROHO Group. I apologize about the delay in responding. I just saw the blog post. I am incredibly sorry to hear about your issues with a ROHO cushion. Will you e-mail me your contact information, cushion serial number, along with your comments to

Danielle Boenisch
eMarketing Assistant
The ROHO Group

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