Friday, February 18, 2011

Feeling Better Today.

Woke up this morning telling myself that this would be a better day than yesterday and so far so good. I haven't tried doing anything that would make my blood pressure boil just playing with my computer trying to understand intermittent problems.

In some cases it is easy for me to upload a photograph, picture, diagram whatever hit the preview button and see what I have uploaded. This morning sometimes it works other times it doesn't. I have an and tried it no problems came back to Google and it worked this time. Filled out one of those forms sent it in and we will see what they say.
Has anyone ever linked one blog to another IE blogspot to Google or vice versa?
Wishing everyone a very enjoyable weekend, a long one if you're in Ontario
closing off with a sketch my oldest daughter drew of her baby while he was sleeping in her arms.


Sherri said...

what a beautiful sketch! and a beautiful baby!

i host my blog on blogger... i have it linked all over the place... and working with Google is very easy since blogger is a Google program... what is it that you are wanting to do and maybe i can help out??


Stuff could be worse said...

Beautiful angel of a baby, also talented drawing.

Sure I only know blogger but do not know too much?? I am not sure but there is a link button in your new post if that is what you are asking??

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