Saturday, February 19, 2011

Any more people out there?

The problem I'm having is one uploading a picture, sketch whatever it doesn't matter. You select the file press the upload button your item is uploaded as you can see it in the preview box yet if you look in the background there is no HTML coding shown in the dialog box where you would normally write what I'm writing now. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't almost like flipping a coin, it took me three tries to upload this sketch. The worst part is the problem comes in goes it's almost as bad as MS LOL
I hope it does not take them long to find the problem.


Karen said...

There is a help page in blogger about known problems. I kindof forget where it is because I have been searching in vain to find out why I can't review a page. Anyway this issue you are describing is a known problem and the status is that they are working on it. Hopefully, they will provide you with a better answer.

Stuff could be worse said...

I agree with Karen. I have found out a few things on blogger by hit and miss?? I hope you find out...

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