Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We have time for our trip before I receive my chair!

I will take possession of my new wheelchair on October 19.  At first I didn't know how I would survive yet we adapt to practically everything and adapting to a new chair "my loaner" is no different.  No longer banging into walls or causing dents I am somewhat getting used to the beast.  That is not to say I'm not looking forward to my new one, only that I can live and survive until I receive my real chair.

In the meantime we are planning a trip, a week away sometime in the fall to one of our favorite cities Las Vegas!

There are other places to see yet I find this city one of the most accessible for people with mobility issues.  If you have traveled you know the definition of adapted rooms varies substantially from one location to another.

We  have stayed at world renowned hotel chains where reservations were made for a handicap accessible room only to arrive and find that none existed.  Others were so small once I entered with the wheelchair there was no place to move never mind trying to use the bath or shower.  I've had good experiences in Mexico in the Mayan Peninsula but the best I've seen to date is shown below.


Karen said...

Hi Michael,

Good to hear you are no longer wrecking your condo with the chair! It will be good when you get your real one.

That's some hotel room! Is it in Vegas? Love that tub! Whenever we go away, the room has to have a nice big jacuzzi tub.


MikeH said...

Yes this was in Vegas on our 30th anniversary. The hotel was the Bellagio which at the time was the place to stay. We have returned in 2009 and stayed at the Paris it was okay but nothing compared to what we had before. This year we're going to stay at the Mirage apparently the rooms are quite nice we will see.
The tub yeah my wife loves it too probably why we have one almost identical LOL

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