Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Water Dam

This is a picture of the water dam I installed actually my spouse installed to prevent water from flooding our floor.

For the longest time we tried finding a solution.

Once we realized the industry referred to them as "Water Dam" it proved a cinch to find.  Just google water dam for wheelchair shower.  You'll see numerous styles from various distributors.   Ours cost approximately $100 the material was cut using a pair of scissors, it is collapsible so I can roll over it with my wheelchair without a problem .  Glued to the bottom of the shower with epoxy glue I must say it has never leaked since it's installation.


Karen said...

Hi Michael,
A pretty simple solution to what could prove to be a messy situation. Thanks for the tip.


MikeH said...

Thanks Karen,
it's certainly not complicated mind you most good tips aren't.

Take care

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