Friday, August 5, 2011

Easter Seals

This week was difficult, I was trying to find a way to end it on a positive note when the following came to mind.

I do not believe I shared this with you previously, something positive among the mayhem of living with MS.

The application form is a PDF file which can probably be downloaded from if not I can send you the PDF form.

Send me a note at

I should mention this program only applies to Canadian citizens and will briefly explain the process.

Of course there is an application form, your doctor must also validate your disability. Once this is done I believe the cost is $20 in order to receive both cards, you can check on that just to be certain with Easter Seals.

The blue access 2 entertainment allows you to go to a participating partner, most large cinema complexes accept the card you pay for your attendant and your cost is nothing zero zilch. Pretty good deal and we have used it consistently

The travel card I have only used on two occasions and both were with VIA rail, although I suspect it would also be accepted by Greyhound. I can only provide you with an example of our experience both times we utilized VIA to go from Ottawa to Toronto return for my spouse and I. The cost if I remember correctly was approximately $140 all inclusive for both of us which includes the return trip. Perhaps I should also mention both trips were in first class!

The picture below is an example of the cards.

Have a great weekend.

 PS : You need not be wheelchair-bound in order to benefit from this program .


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Karen said...

Hi Michael,
I plan to use mine a lot in the fall. A trip to the zoo, Ontario Place and the ROM!
Have a great weekend.

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