Thursday, August 25, 2011


Over the past several years MS has provided me with a unique ability, one which is shared by less than 10% of our population.
It has over a period of time transformed a right-handed individual into someone who has learned to utilize both hands individually or together in order to perform specific tasks.
Born a right-handed individual MS has made certain tasks difficult to perform using my right hand, for example I now shave with my right or do so utilizing my left hand, pretty cool wouldn't you say.   On the other hand "pun intended" it really doesn't appear to matter my contribution to the blood bank is probably the same no matter which hand I use.   The same goes for using utensils, while knives are now totally out of the question with either hand I am comfortable using a spoon or a fork.   Also get this, the amount of food on my trousers, sweater and floor are basically equivalent no matter which hand I use. Amazing isn't it?
Apparently a person who is ambidextrous utilizes both sides of their brain equally.
What can I deduce from all of this?

  • I now have the same number of MS  lesions on the right side as the left side of  my brain. No need for an MRI!
  • Both hands work as well as the other, "Like Crap" they are equal in their ability to screw up whatever task I attempt.
  • Ambidextrous just means you use both equally so I must qualify for this distinction
  • I've tried using various modified utensils like the  weighted ones with the same results from either hand.
  • Perhaps this Christmas  it will be time for me to ask for a fancy electric shaver.
Sometimes folks all you can do is laugh or at the very least attempt to find some humor out of all the frustrations we endure.
There are days that are better than others yet even the better days present their own unique challenges and sometimes gifts too.
Did I tell you I was ambidextrous!


nicole said...

Oh, my goah, that was so cute. You make me smile. Thanks

MikeH said...

Thank you for stopping by, I'm so pleased you enjoyed it if it brought a smile it was definitely worthwhile.
Take care

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