Thursday, March 24, 2011

World MS Day!

Apparently it's May 25 according to or it could be May 26 According to the National MS Society.

It doesn't appear our neurons are firing in sync at least not long enough for us to decide on a specific day, why not make it a week I always thought it was "MS Awareness Week" but maybe I'm wrong? Who knows really not like it's going to change much for me.

And when it comes to Awareness while I am not necessarily convinced of Dr. Zamboni's hypothesis regarding stenosis of the veins it would be hard not to admit that he has put MS at the forefront providing a level of public awareness we would never have achieved without him so kudos for being so open and looking for answers out of the box.


Matt said...

I agree, CCSVI has made MS interesting for number of reasons and whether it turns out to be relevant or not, it's done a great deal to shake things up and bring more attention to MS.

Karen said...

Hi Michael,
Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month in Canada is May. MS Awareness week was last week in the US. World MS day is May 25. You'd think with all these awareness campaigns, more people would be aware! Some people I talk to think MS is Muscular Dystrophy.

I'm not sure where I stand on CCSVI, but I figure, if there is something blocking your viens, they should be fixed, MS or no MS. I remember when I first saw Zamboni speak, I cried...if only the "cure" was that simple.


CeAnne said...

Hi Karen,
I have encountered a few people who think MS is Muscular Dystrophy as well.
I used to tell people "I'm not one of Jerry's Kids". Then I remembered my dad's name is Jerry!


MikeH said...

Matt, I certainly agree with you, it's difficult to meet someone today and not have them ask you if you've heard of this "new
treatment" to think that our MS society spent over $1 million according to what they call Public Awareness and never ever
attained the level of exposure this doctor has given us.

Karen, You certainly will not get any argument from me regarding stenosis of the veins or blocked arteries if there is something wrong fix it, I believe the problem here is that people's overinflated egos have gotten in the way of common sense.
As for the procedure I'm not sold on it yet I know a number of people who have had it performed people who have gone to Bulgaria,
Poland, Italy, the United States and Ontario none have shown or rather have convinced me that this is what I require.
When it comes to its simplicity let's not forget that most major discoveries were made when professionals tripped over
themselves making mistakes.

I would first like to thank you for stopping in and looking at my blog is appreciated.
We live in a condominium and are probably the youngest couple in our unit I'm 54 years old there is another gentleman here
who suffers from Muscular Dystrophy and I'll bet not one of our neighbors would be able to differentiate nevermind describing
some of the differences. Personally I believe that once they find a cure for one of the many autoimmune diseases which
exist today many cures will follow for similar diseases at least that's my wish.

Have a Great Weekend

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