Thursday, March 3, 2011

A great weekend ahead.

Great News! I finally got my wheelchair repaired this morning and you know what It works wow I'm delighted, without it it's like I didn't have any use of my legs "being sarcastic"

Finally I am back the way I should be and that's sitting in front of the fireplace with my chair tilted back as far as it can go with a scotch on the rocks. No kidding the weekend is almost here so why wait?
This weekend we leave to spend some time with my grandson for his first birthday, time flies I remember when he was born at just over 900 g not quite 2 pounds it was touch and go for mom and Timothy for quite some time yet they pulled through it. Timothy now weighs in at close to 20 pounds is in perfect condition and so is my daughter and I can't thank God enough for that. So this weekend will be a great weekend while I'm still planning on buying a lift it can wait till we return.

Take care and have a super weekend.
Finally a few pictures of some things I was capable of making before MS decided to change everything. The birds are the last thing I ever made.

Finally this is the kind of stuff my oldest daughter makes. I like to think some of that talent rubbed off LOL.

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Karen said...

I am happy to hear that your chair is fixed, and you are relaxing. What a great weekend you have ahead, your grandie's first birthday!

Lovely birds Michael, and a good looking chest. My husband is a cabinet maker, so I know a nice piece when I see it.

Yes, it looks as though your daughter got some of your talent. Love the sunflower.

Enjoy your weekend and...cheers!

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