Friday, March 18, 2011

All of These Pills, Are They Really Necessary?

A few years ago on one of my regular visits to the neurologist I happened to mention that occasionally I would take a couple of Tylenol's or something similar for pain I experienced in my legs, my feet etc.
As everyone knows when you have primary progressive MS about the only thing they can do correction the only thing they can do is to prescribe medication in the hopes of helping us deal with the asymptomatic symptoms brought on by this form of the disease.

Without mentioning medications I left his office with a prescription for what is currently prescribed for people who suffer from fibromyalgia, I'm certain you've seen the ad. In any case I've been taking this medication faithfully now for probably about two years if not a bit more, it did help a bit with the pain yet the pain I experienced was really not that bad and was certainly manageable with over-the-counter medication yet since I had medical coverage why not use this instead. One of the possible side effects of this medication is swollen hands and or swollen ankles coupled with the possibility of experiencing suicidal thoughts.
Not all medication is meant for everyone we may react differently and sometimes it is just not worth it case in point. My ankles were approaching the size of stovepipes I mean they were huge swollen to the point where they actually hurt more than before, being a type II diabetic I thought for certain diabetes played a part yet my blood sugar results always came back normal and very well controlled so what gives?

Deciding to think for myself I stopped taking this medication and within two weeks my feet are almost back to normal. They are not as swollen, have regained their normal color and most importantly they are definitely not as painful.

Just goes to show you that not everything you are prescribed is necessarily meant for you I had a host of medications that I would take daily which I have been cutting back gradually to the point where I take three a day one for high blood pressure and two one in the morning and one at dinner for diabetes. That's it, of course my neurologists is aware and supportive lets face it the less medications you take the better off you are in the long run.

Just wanted to share this with you before the weekend.


Matt said...

I'm not on any meds for MS yet except for Rebif. But my mom is getting older and has been prescribed a few drugs that they seem to handing out like candy to older folks. A couple of these have had much worse side effects than the original condition.

She stopped taking them, found different ways of dealing with the problem and is much happier. I'm not anti medicine but we do seem to be at a place in our history where the drug companies are working over time and are willing to practically invent diseases they have drugs for.

On the other hand drugs do help a lot of people so I have to take the bad with the good.

Stuff could always be worse said...

We all have different meds that work very differently, for each of us. I agree, less is better! I do not take as many as the docs give me either...

Karen said...

Hi Michael,

I have many drug allergies, so I have never taken much medication. I take nothing for my MS. I have terrible spasticity problems, and was offered the usual MS symptom control drugs, which I declined. I will(rarely)take a mild muscle relaxer when the spasms get too bad. For the next 3 weeks, I have to take a NSAID once a day, (for Lupus), and I am even leery of those.

I know some people with MS that take over 10 different types of medication a day, and wonder why they are feeling so ill.

I have been accused of being anti-drug, and I guess I am. I always try a natural approach. I am not a believer in "better living through chemicals".

I am glad you are feeling better off the drug. Have a great weekend.


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