Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm too young to be a Grand Papa aren't I?

Last weekend my spouse and I went to Elmvale a small town outside of Barrie Ontario in order to celebrate our grandsons first birthday. Hard to believe that someone who came into this world weighing 900 some grams could today that the scales at 20 pounds. A bundle of joy surrounded by love that is for certain.

My spouse did all the driving we left during a blizzard snow and ice pellets making it there after seven hours of torrential downpour and fog. Our return trip was under sunny skies so that was nice.
What I can't figure out is during those few days I did absolutely nothing and it has taken me until today to feel somewhat normal in so far as energy level and strength. I guess it's an MS thing but I was wiped out on our return for the entire week. Thought it was a cold thought I might have a fever but nope nothing just a feeling of overwhelming weakness not wanting to do anything but sit and vegetate.

This evening were going out to the restaurant for dinner and for some reason I feel much better. It is so hard to explain to someone who does not have MS what fatigue is, how it hits you and how he can stay with you for God knows how long until something turns it off almost as quickly as it was turned on. I can be an optimist and hope it's gone forever!

Have yourselves a terrific weekend
here's a picture of my grandson Timothy


Karen said...

Hi Michael,
I know exactly what you are talking about. For me, often a simple change in routine, or my environment will trigger that horrid fatigue. Glad you are feeling better now.

And yes, you are too young to be a gand papa ;) but Timothy sure is a sweet little guy!

Have a great weekend too!

Stuff could always be worse said...

Happy to see that you had a great time with your grandson. Sure it is good when the fatigue is better :)

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