Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stairway's to the Summit!

Our home in Georgetown Ontario had stairs as most houses do, how else is it possible to get a 1700 ft.² home on a 30 foot lot? There were stairs to get into the home, stairs to go down to the basement and finally stairs to go up to the second storey. When we purchased the home in 1993 I never even gave them a second thought matter of fact we ripped out the concrete stairs at the front replacing them with something more aesthetic, did the same in the backyard by adding a large deck with a few stairs of course, after all who cared?

Well it certainly didn't seem to bother this fella.
And this one well hey who needs stairs anyways?

Following my diagnosis in October 1994 things progressed fairly rapidly and those stairs became harder and harder to conquer. That wooden railing took quite a beating yet it never failed, I would hang onto it as I heaved pulling my body up in order to reach that next step. Of course this didn't happen overnight in the beginning it was just difficult I had to concentrate, as time passed I had to grab each leg with my hand just under my knee and lift it onto the next step. During the last few years my spouse would stand behind me and lift each foot one by one onto the next step. We would take a break a breather as we reached the middle section the landing "our base camp if you will" then onwards and upwards continuing our struggle to the summit.

When my legs gave out completely I remember spending some time going up and down the stairs on my butt using my arms to lift myself from one step to the next however that did not last long and I finally had to accept a cot near the fireplace on the first floor as my best option at least for the time being. Going up the stairs wasn't that much of a problem it took a long time and I got tired very easily yet the interesting part was coming down the stairs. Guys take a look at my shorts and that should speak volumes LOL I remember laughing so hard that it actually eased the pain in my arms and the rest I'll leave up to your imagination.

And then finally the transfer!

Our only real option would have been an elevator which at the time seemed far too expensive, besides once I stopped working my spouse wished we could move closer to her mom for a least a few years.
Knowing what I know today the elevator would have been installed and we could still enjoy our home and its surroundings. That's not to say that I do not enjoy where we are today yet the feeling is not the same, when you leave an area for several years in our case 12 years before our return things change, people change you've been away for so long you feel as if you don't fit the mold as you did previously. Most have learned to live without you thus re-entering into their lives is difficult if not impossible.
Add your children and grandchildren to the equation who had decided to stay rather than to move with you and you can see why our stay here will be a temporary one. We look forward to return and be closer to our family.


Karen said...

Hi Michael,

I rest on the landing as well. There is no where suitable for an elevator in our house, so Hubber's and I are talking about putting in a nice slide that goes from the top steps...curves on the foyer and goes onto the next set of steps, down to the next level! Well, hey if ya have to go down on your bum, might as well make it fun! ;) We haven't come up with an idea for ascending the stairs...maybe a pully system...

MikeH said...

Thank you for your comment, I was expecting a reference to my shorts but you're probably too polite for that LOL
I had a website actually I still do but I will be shutting it down shortly and transferring some of the information I have on to this blog I find this more interesting and entertaining as there is certainly more interaction with others who share the same experience.
Take care and I trust this morning went well for you

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