Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Don't you just love those ads appearing on the side of this blog, I can't help but chuckle when I see something like "reverse the symptoms of MS."
If it was so easy who in their right mind would choose to live with this?
Another good one is treating MS naturally, you know the homeopathic way my opinion and mine only,please give me a break. There's a program that plays on the radio during the night I listen to quite often when I cannot sleep, it would not be fair to mention their names since they are not in a position to defend the claims they make.
Every disease or symptom is treatable using homeopathic remedies vitamins, supplements remedies for everything including emptying your wallet. Every product they endorse they appear to take on a daily basis not having done a tally I would estimate somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 different supplements.
Certainly I've taken and continue to take my share of vitamins and supplements that are supported in some way by scientific research such as vitamin D, Primrose Oil, Omega-3, Vitamin C yet that's about it anything else is prescription medication. I'm no scientist that is for certain yet doing a search using Google for quackery medical treatments homeopath comes up fairly often, makes me wonder?

Had a very good weekend no falls actually did the tourist thing in my own town Ottawa Ontario. Had breakfast with some friends then went to busker fest which was so popular it was impossible to see any of the acts, we went and had a real Polish hotdog sold by a street vendor you know the kind a real hotdog!
We then went to the local market and purchased all the vegetables and fruits we needed to last us of the week, I don't know why we don't go there more often a lot of the produce is grown locally and you can purchase broccoli at two-for-one dollar something you'll never see in the supermarket.

We then visited the Royal Canadian mint, at the end of the tour you have the opportunity of lifting a solid gold brick. Let me assure you it is fixed to a table with a chain beside the table stands a armed guard not that you could run away with the brick it weighs a ton. My wife lifted it I did not even attempt to do so I was satisfied just taking a glimpse at something so small worth close to $500,000

Without doubt that amount of money would be nice yet it's amazing how it loses its appeal when you realize you could do very little with it even if you had it. The most likely outcome would be keeping my wife home which would be primordial yet after that who knows, okay I'd be willing to give it a try.

Take good care

PS: the travel card I mentioned a few days ago is definitely worthwhile. Our visit to the mint should have cost us $20 we ended up paying just over $7.

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