Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday, August 28, 2009

As I review my blog this afternoon contemplating whether I had anything of value to share I couldn't help but notice the advertisements which automatically appear on the side of my blog. You should be aware that I have little control regarding what is posted, they are simply advertisements which according to my understanding are based on information possibly contained in my blog i.e. if I wrote about a subject chances are the advertisements would reflect the subject.
I may lose the blog for saying this yet without prejudice in my opinion the majority of the advertisements regarding cures or treatments are bogus, hocus-pocus cures at best. If finding a cure or treatment was so easy why would I choose to continue living with this disease, why would anyone? Am I so naïve to think that a cure would exist unknown to the medical community or as some conspiracy theory suggests they are simply withholding a cure for fear of losing their employment? Come on now let's get real.
Having lost a friend who participated in the bone marrow transplant study which appears quite similar to the stem cell procedure Ia assure you it is not as simple as it seems. In the bone marrow transplant study after harvesting bone marrow and irradiating all traces of MS the patient is given high doses of chemotherapy to the point where their immune system is literally destroyed. Then in the hopes of regenerating their immune system with no traces of MS the cleansed bone marrow is reintroduced intravenously. For my friend the chemotherapy drugs were so strong they affected his liver, he died as a result.
Diet while important has never been proven to have any impact on MS, acupuncture, bee sting therapy and a host of other so-called treatments have no scientific basis to prove their effectiveness. Since MS is so unpredictable it lends itself to a host of unproven cures or treatments, in some cases the success we attribute to one of these treatments may be due to a cause and effect not fully understood and potentially dangerous. Take the bee stings an example it is believed that stinging oneself with bees causes the body to produce an anti-venom if you will in this case a chemical that mimics a steroid.
The relief it provides is a byproduct far removed from the sting itself, medication such as Solu-Medrol or prednisone are available today if judged necessary by your physician and you don't have to rely on bees to achieve the same results.
I am pleased for those with MS who believe they can take hold of their situation and control the disease with no medical intervention, usually in their opinion a positive attitude is all one really needs. The most common quote is "I have MS, MS does not have me." That's very well and dandy yet when the disease strikes I don't care how positive you are you will succumb to its power the humiliation and everything else this disease represents, stay positive yet try to remain realistic.
My opinion only, yet feel free to share your comments. Have a great weekend

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