Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009

My spouse is on a two-week training program in Toronto, she left Sunday afternoon and today was my first day alone, although I have the support of the CLSC in the mornings and evenings to assist me in getting in and out of bed it's going to be a long two weeks!

Last night the person came by at 9:30 PM to put me to bed, they returned in the morning at 8:30 AM. Usually I'm up at 6:30 AM and hit the sack at 10 PM sharp. I must have lied in bed till 2 AM before I finally fell asleep in the meantime however I managed to knock over that urine collection bottle I utilize if I have to go and it wouldn't you guess landed well beyond my reach. After managing to get out of bed and reach for the bottle several items had gotten wet. Luckily I had decided to wear a diaper and the damage was limited to it and my pride.

Managing to get back into bed proved to be quite a challenge yet as with anything in life if you don't quit you eventually succeed you have to, after convincing myself I could do it eventually I mustered up enough strength to kick back and lift my legs onto the bed. I think I fell asleep shortly after.

Since she was leaving for two weeks we purchased a television set for our bedroom reactivated the cable in that room yet the television I purchased doesn't function. Let me describe the symptom so you can appreciate the situation, first of all the television is new and connected to a good cable box. After playing for 15 or 20 minutes the image on the television screen is lost except for the remnants of what resembles a ghostly image in the background yet you are effectively left staring at horizontal lines comprising of cyan magenta and yellow. That's not too bad you can't watch television so what it's no big deal yet when the screen turns to this a loud noise resembling feedback is emitted from the speakers. The volume is similar to what you would enjoy at 16 yet it's not music simply loud screeching feedback, the remote control doesn't work you can't turn the volume down or shut the television off. The only way you can rectify the problem is by unplugging the AC power to the unit. Oh yeah remember you can't get out of bed nor can you get back into bed. To play it safe I decided to leave the television set off and listen to the radio, I'm not going to watch the television tonight and have sent a request for information from the manufacture.

When I got up in the morning "which only took a few minutes" the first thing I did was make myself a coffee then I went and took a shower, Denise if you're reading this there were many people watching over me LOL. I had my cell phone handy and took my time and everything went well. I was hoping to wear a pair of long trousers yet I cannot put those on by myself without assistance so I decided on some summer shorts needless to say I did not venture outside not that I had the requirement to do so.

Tonight I plan on tying that stupid bottle to the side of the bed which was the major source of my grief yesterday. And to think that this is day one of two weeks, unbelievable. My neighbors have also invited me for dinner tomorrow night it's only been one night and they're already taking pity of me, not that I'm going to do any complaining.
On the bright side I haven't started talking to the walls yet mind you that's just a matter of time and what I thought would take several weeks may happen within a few days.

Keep Smiling
Counting the Days!

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Josee said...

Hi Dad! Oh I'm sorry to hear you had such a shitty first night at home alone! I'm sure you will probably like those extra hours you get to sleep in tomorrow :) I would love to be closer so I could bring you a coffee in the morning :) Have fun at dinner tomorrow night, and I hope those suckers get that TV working for you before the week is up.
Love you lots
PS Call me at my work if you're bored, I'm allowed to chat :) 1-800-739-4100 ext. 206

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