Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday, May 8, 2009

We had our monthly MS luncheon today, the only difference was that I took the van and drove it to and from which is something I normally don't do yet since Denise is a way I've been driving more than I've had in the past.

Things are going well however I'm amazed at how quickly two weeks vacation time can fly by yet when you're waiting for someone the time tends to stand still. I'm getting some support from the local CLSC which is a help and a joke at the same time.
They come around 9 PM to help me into bed and return next morning at 9:30 AM or even 10 AM to assist me out of bed. Jesus I was up at five this morning watching television I'm not used to spending 12 hours in bed. All in all I shouldn't complain since the help is there it just doesn't coincide with my schedule LOL
I received one call since Denise has left for her training course and that call came from my mother-in-law I would've never guessed in 1 million years yet she is the one who called to see if I needed any help? You have to understand that she is 85 years old and has a hard time managing a few steps without the use of or Walker.

End result I ended up going to Laura Secord and buying her a box of chocolates for Mother's Day which I will deliver sometime Sunday. Sometimes people you never dreamt of surprise you.

I'm in survival mode and will not post unless something major happens well not to major then I wouldn't be able to post would I?


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,
Good to hear that you've got the help of the CLSC even if they're forcing you to spend more time in bed. Well, you've got 1 week down without any major issues. I'm sure this type of separation between you & Denise make it all the better when you get back together. Today is Mother's Day, I'm sure that you'll be talking to each other. At this end, we're spending some good time with the kids. That separation thing also works for us too. Jaimee doesn't want us to sleep at the trailer and prefers us to spend time at her house. We're planning to be in the Outaouais as of the 22nd, so definitely will be seeing you. While in the GTA, we're getting tune-ups done to both vehicles, as well as, tune-ups for both Louise & I. We have new doctor's, dentist, & hair-dresser appointments before we head to Gatineau. Also, now that the telephone thing is fixed, I'm taking the opportunity to fix another one of the traveling issues that we had. This week, Star Choice will be sending me a dish & receiver, so with satellite TV, we'll be able to stay in touch with Canada when away. I'm still trying to figure out my wireless internet challenge.
Talk to you soon,

MikeH said...

Hello Roger,
Today marks the end of my solitary confinement LOL.
Managed to survive without any scars.

Take care

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