Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday, May 22, 2009

Haven't written in some time nothing new on the MS front apart from a scheduled appointment with my neurologist. I read an article about plasma paresis being utilized to treat progressive multiple sclerosis and the results appear positive. He will probably shrug his shoulders and give me that empty look, we will go over current treatments for asymptomatic symptoms and then move on to schedule another appointment.

Today I had another evaluation regarding the restraints used in our vehicle, they don't meet the crash test requirements and work needs to be done on my wheelchair. Unfortunately it was one of those meetings where there was a lot of talking but little substance, my chair still needs modification it seems the only thing we accomplished in two hours was to determine the type of modification best suited for my application.
I hope I don't have too many of these to go to before they actually complete the work, funniest part was when the ergo therapist mentioned the Québec government may ask for a road test? I've been driving the Van now for close to a year at driving test to see how I could handle the controls or the vehicle seems a tad redundant yet again we must remember it is Québec. I once had an extension that was to be used for the instructor in providing courses on how to utilize the gas/brake handle, I looked yet I think I discarded it.

Both television sets I had purchased were returned to the store for credit as I did not see the need to have one in our bedroom, I don't watch a lot of television and would rather listen to the radio so back they went, no problems returning any of them which was nice yet you have to wonder if there's a higher power at work here.
My computer monitor failed plain and simple all it returned was a black screen. A visit to Best Buy salted that problem I now have a brand-new 22 inch monitor. Next day my DVD RW/CD writer failed as well, another trip to Best Buy, today is the first day I'm up and running since last week. On another note if you rely on software program such as Nero to backup your files try restoring one of your previous backups just to make sure. Mine have never worked and rebuilding the directories took a lot of time. If someone asks if you should back up your information on DVD/an external drive/or additional internal drive the answer is Yes Yes And Yes.

All our photos and important information were recovered the only casualties were e-mails. So if you sent me something important chances are you'll contact me again or it wasn't that important in the first place.

PS: did I mention how nice it was to have my spouse back from her training in Toronto? Kind of makes life
worth living.

Enjoy the weekend

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