Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Travel Advisory

As you are aware several countries have implemented travel advisories or outright bans on travel to areas where the Swine Flu Or Virus seemed to have originated. Canada actually ended all flights to Mexico late last week in an effort to limit travel and the spread of this yet unknown threat.

Meanwhile I've heard of people turning a blind eye to the advisory making a conscious decision that a $1500 trip to Mexico was well worth the risk of infecting friends, family, coworkers and those of us with compromised immune systems to this virus. Is it just me or do these people lack the necessary grey matter or quantity thereof to be considered as having a brain?

Sometimes the sheer stupidity of people make me shake my head and wonder, maybe it is time for a pandemic clean the place up and get rid of all these nuts.


Anonymous said...

Your comments rang a bell! On our way back to Canada last week, we listened to a talk show on radio in Kentucky concerning "Swine Flu". Interesting to see the 'stupidity' of certain people. After the show host had read several references from the World Health Organization (WHO) that reinforced that the swine flu wasn't caused by pigs/swine, a woman came on air. She said..."Since January, I've been sick and know I have SF because I ate pork chops!" The commentator told her that that was impossible because, 1) in January swine flu hadn't yet been discovered & 2) as already mentioned by the WHO, you can't get swine flu from pigs or pork chops. She didn't listen! She repeated again that she had SF because she ate pork chops. It was funny because the commentator said that he felt he was talking to a wall and wasn't listening. She said... "She wasn't a wall an knew she had SW because she had eaten pork chops. Some people are simply... simple!

Josee said...

Ha! I was thinking the same thing! Natural selection! lol.

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