Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Finished all of my antibiotics and I must say my leg is much better now the only thing I need is for my arm to return to normal. I must have pulled some muscles or tendons whatever it's still fairly painful but that's it everything else is fine.

After over three years of waiting the government PAD project is complete. You know the saying that when something appears too good to be true it probably is, that's certainly been my experience with this program. I was approved for $16,000 for modifications to our condo, after being evaluated by an ergo therapist to validate my requirements I sent in several estimates, there's an interesting story to this adventure that I will keep for an entry at a later date. The total cost of my modifications amounted to $15,200 or thereabouts I was informed the government would pay $12,600 leaving me with a shortfall of approximately $2600.00
In a nutshell you are not given the whole story before embarking on the program and find out after everything is done how much the government's contribution will be.

Apparently there is some type of listing which is followed when qualifying modifications, as an example the maximum to modify a toilet may be $900 yet they don't inform you of this. Even when you send in the quote from the contractor if it is over their allotted amount they still don't tell you. They wait until the inspection is complete and then hit you with their contribution limit.

I learned a lot and I have quite a bit to share once I have the government cheque in hand I'll tell you about it.

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