Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday, April 24, 2009

Our MS walk takes place on Sunday and while we did not meet our personal goal I must say raising close to $1200 feels pretty good. As a bonus they're predicting above average temperatures for Sunday with cloudy skies, perfect for a walk.
I will certainly take some pictures and post them as I do almost every year, although the pictures are a great way to remember the event they also provide a picture of the disease and the devastation it causes to those affected. Every year I see people who possibly walked with the help of a cane now utilizing a Walker or perhaps pushed by a friend as they sit in a wheelchair. Others have gone from walking to an electric wheelchair in less than a year's time.
The pictures by themselves certainly tell a story and that is that this disease progresses no matter what. It kills me when I hear people say that there positive attitude and outlook will keep them at bay from any symptoms or further progression.
You may be able to slow it down if you qualify for those disease modifying therapies however while the number of relapses you have may be reduced the disease itself progresses and nothing seems to be capable of stopping it. If you need convincing take a look at the statistics which show you that no matter what type of MS you are deemed to suffer from all types will intersect with respect to progression at a certain point in time. I'll let you do a bit of research and find the timeline.

It is difficult to explain what MS is unless you have it equally difficult is to describe its progression.
Walk a mile in my shoes
describes it best and boy I would love to be able to lend these shoes every once in a while to enlighten those who take their health for granted.
Have a great weekend

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