Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Saturday was a good day except for the fact we had to call CAA in order to have our Van boosted. The modification was done by Braun in the US and sold by shoppers home health care in Canada. I believe one of the ways shoppers home health care increases their margin is by replacing the original Toyota battery with one made for shoppers home health care. The battery its color even has the shoppers home health care logo. First-time I've owned a Toyota and it hasn't started and to date I've owned six. Needless to say next week I will be purchasing the appropriate battery and telling shoppers to stick it well you know.

Other than that Saturday was a good day Sunday however I took a fall in the washroom while trying to stand near the vanity. Luckily my spouse was around because I don't know what I would have done by myself, my only option would have been 911 and I have used that service once before yet it makes me feel very uncomfortable to use it. Although I don't necessarily want it I think it will be time that I look at a monitoring system of some type so I can call for assistance when required. I have to tell you to date I have been damn lucky as none of the falls have resulted in any serious injuries. Oh I've got a lot of blue and black bruises but other than that I think my ego is what takes most of the beating.

Tomorrow will be a better day for one thing I don't take as many chances as I do when my spouse is here with me. When she is here I may let my guard down a tad too often.

Take care

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