Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Well we don't have anything for you yet But We Are Working On It

Tomorrow morning I go for my semiannual appointment at our MS clinic to speak with my neurologist. Not certain what we are going to talk about this time we may touch on MS yet will most likely end up discussing the Zamboni hypothesis "again".
I take it most patients were hard on him bashing him for what he had little control over yet patients are so demanding they actually blamed him he felt bad about that. After our 20 minutes together I felt as if I should have invoiced him for lending an ear and providing counseling of sorts. Sometimes I wonder what they really know or rather how much they do not know.
MS is complex no doubt about it yet there is much we could do rather than sitting around or raising funds by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. I had written the president of the MS Society with my concerns about the 48% of funds raised being spent on administration and only $7 million of the $33 million raised last year spent on research? Can't understand it personally I think it's a farce. Anyhow how do you like my depiction of doctors at work LOL.

Doesn't seem as if they're doing anything for me these days, months, years. The main reason I keep showing up is to have someone to complete those stupid insurance forms they keep sending me every year. Insurance companies what a joke.

I did a quick check on my progress chart and noted that it will be almost 10 years that I've had this chair cushion stuck on my butt. 10 years man that's a long time no wonder I get tired.
Wish I could go to Kilimanjaro to climb the mountain yet like everyone else here I have my own mountain to climb and Kilimanjaro doesn't even measure up. Against MS it's a molehill!

Take care


Karen said...

Hi Michael,

Love the little cartoon at the top.

My neuro won't discuss Zamboni's theory, doesn't even want to hear that name mentioned. That's okay, I don't have insurance forms to be filled out, so I don't have to go see him, and I don't. Like you said, nothing they can do for me anyway.


Stuff could always be worse said...

I do not care for the administration getting a large portion?
ps the cartoon is great

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