Friday, January 21, 2011

Had my appointment yesterday, kicked the tires a bit to make sure everything was still in place. Are you okay "yes" anything new "nope"
that was about it.

As I expected we spoke of the decreased demand by patients for the CCSVI procedure which was making his life and work more pleasant as he didn't feel badgered all the time for something he had little or no control over. He attended a seminar with a number of other neurologists in Europe and Dr. Zamboni had a presentation which apparently did not make any sense.
Whether or not this procedure works is not something I can attest to either way however one thing is for certain we would never have been able to purchase the publicity MS has received as a result of this hypothesis.

We spoke about my grandchild, the Barrie area, blue Mountain, Wasaga Beach and Georgian Bay. It was actually nice to speak with someone who knew more about Ontario than most people do where I live. When I tell most people my daughter lives in Barrie I have to explain where Barrie is using downtown Toronto as a starting point. Shouldn't really complain as I'd have a more difficult task if she lived in Weyburn Saskatchewan.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Karen said...

Have a nice weekend Mike :)

Anonymous said...

Mike, I have read your blog and would like to contact you about a new MS community that is launching that you may be interested in called Unite. I am the Community Manager. Could you send me an email or some type of contact information so I can send you some information. Thanks

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