Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another year I'm not going are you?

Yesterday I received my "Walkers Handbook" from the MS Society for our walk coming up this spring. Along with the usual information including of course the pledge sheet was the allocation of funds for the society.
Not certain how you feel about this? Personally I expected a lot more than $.18 on the dollar allocated to fund research I mean come on at this rate there is little hope that we will ever see a cure at least not one from the MS Society.

When you think that last year we raised over $30 million and the best we could do is subsidize research with a paltry $7 million, that's chicken feed. I always expected the majority of what I raised was utilized to fund research, to say I was disappointed is a gross understatement. With primary progressive multiple sclerosis representing 5% of the MS population you can bet whatever research is being conducted it is targeted towards a broader audience. This I can understand however I can not justify working my butt off to raise a few bucks only to have them blown away supporting top executives and their salaries. We are definitely not participating this year and if you have supported us in the past Thank you.

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Karen said...

I have only been diagnosed with MS a little over a year now. Funny though, The MS Society was always one I donated to for years before. I sponsored walkers, gave large contributions during the carnation campaign, and donated when I recieved those pre done address labels in the mail.

Since my diagnosis, I have not received any help from the MS Society, I am appalled to see where the funds are going, and I don't appreciate their stance on CCSVI.

So, am I walking this year...nope, donating... nope.

I am more likely to donate to the Myelin Repair Foundation were 83% of all funds raised are spent on research.


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