Thursday, August 12, 2010

For Karen and Scott

I wanted to respond to your posts however I've been unable to find the means to do so, is there something I am missing?

Karen, I agree with you however wouldn't it be a gratifying feeling!
Congratulations on your site it is absolutely wonderful I love how you set it up indexed and all fantastic.

Scott, I certainly appreciate how a rear entry van reduces the majority of hassles encountered when parking. I drive my vehicle from my electric wheelchair and opted for the Toyota sienna braun version. It serves me well. Great site by the way if you have the decals available for sale let me know by sending me a note and I will get a hold of you.

Sorry folks this is the only way I could get a response to you.


Karen said...

Hi Mike,

You can respond to any comments to your posts by commenting on the comments, so to speak.

You just go to the post that has the comments, and click on the word under that post "Comments", just like you do when you want to read the comments. That will take you to the comments that people have made on your post.

After the list of comments people have made, there should be a blank box that says "Post a comment"
You type your reply in that box, then select a "profile" from the dropdown box that is below that. You can choose from a variety of profiles, I usually just type in my name using the Name/URL profile.

Then you hit the "post comment" button.

A verification box may pop up where you will have to fill in a word that is displayed, then you hit "post comment" again, and that should do it.

It is much easier to do than explain, but I hope this helps.

Thank you for the kind comments about my site :)


Anonymous said...

Karen thank you for the information, I was under the impression there was a way to send a personalized message. This will do fine I just felt it strange posting a post to my own post if that makes any sense LOL
have yourself a great weekend!

Karen said...

Hi Michael,

I think you can send a personal message to someone on your "followers" list.

You have to be signed in to your Blogger account, then just click on the little picture of the follower you want to contact.

A box will pop up with that person's info on it. Under the person's name there is the option to "send a message" Click on that and another page will open (Friend Connect) with an email option page and then you can send the message.

I am learning things about the way everything works as well.

Enjoy your weekend :)

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