Monday, September 13, 2010

Getaways are possible even with MS

I have not written in quite some time yet with good reason. For the first time I can remember my spouse took two weeks holidays in a row and she certainly kept me going. We first went to Atlantic City with another couple say that the Caesars hotel the room was adequate for my needs yet we brought some things from home to make our lives a tad easier, items like a sidebar for the bed, a raised toilet seat. All in all we had a good time took in a variety show and ate in some pretty good restaurants.
Of course we did not make any money from the casinos that wasn't the point we fed the slot machines feeding the local economy and having a good time to boot!
We returned home for a few days and then headed up to the Wasaga Beach area to visit my daughter her husband and our six-month-old grandchild. He was born a preemie coming in at a whopping 2 pounds, after spending two months at the women's College Hospital in Toronto he along with his mother were finally released. Actually my daughter and her husband stayed at the Ronald McDonald House which was close by.
Today he comes in at close to 13 pounds or thereabouts and is fully developed with no side effects from his premature birth. It was nice to see my daughter in her new role as a mom one which I have no doubt she will fill admirably similarly her husband Mike is there constantly helping with whatever needs to be done, it's awesome they are happy who could ask for more.
I wish I could say this vacation permitted me to forget about MS yet as you all know you can truly never forget about it because it always comes back to haunt you. I would've loved to take a walk on the beach in Atlantic City, it was just before the hurricane so the waves were pretty impressive and the surfers were out in numbers.
Little things like that which may seem irrelevant yet for me it was simply impossible.
This morning my wife returned to work yeak! I have to find a way to win one of those lotteries so we can spend all of our time together it's so boring when she is not around. With time I will readjust.
Just wanted to share a note to let you know that I am still around.

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Karen said...

That's great Mike! I am so happy to hear you got to go on vacation, and see that little grandbaby of yours.

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