Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ramp Van

It's been a while since I've posted on this blog, reason being I've been going through a difficult phase lately where doing the simplest of things while previously difficult are now proving almost impossible.  Spending all this time in a wheelchair results in a lot of bending over to pick up things.  My chair is electric and sits quite high which means when I bend I need to use my back muscles to sit up straight as I can't use my legs with any great success.
End result I end up with back pain and spend those days strapped to my chair with a number of belts to ensure I cannot lean over even if I wanted to.

Like you I have friends which have traveled thousands of miles in order to obtain the so-called "liberation procedure" for some the results have been nothing less than amazing, for others well they are still waiting for results.  Personally I don't believe I will be going out of the country for this procedure at the rate things are going now I would suspect it to be available in Canada within the next year and I'm ready to wait that long providing my body holds out.

Had my semiannual appointment at the neurologist which is really nothing more than a chitchat session, I believe he learns more from me about what's going on in the community I mean the real world than he does from his textbooks. At least I can honestly say he looks forward to our discussions yet I wish he could do something more than just talk.

Finally I thought you would get a laugh out of the following picture, why is it that they always seem to be Mercedes, BMWs or Audi's?  I'm going to see if I can get a good-sized decal which I could place on the side of my vehicle. The wheelchair decal does not appear to get their attention possibly this will.

Fortunately most ramp vans are fitted with a security device which retracts the ramp automatically should it come into contact with a foreign object, unfortunately this happens once the ramp has made contact with the object usually resulting in several scratches be careful next time you prevent access!


Karen said...

Ohhhh...would it be nasty to serves him/her right!

I don't use a chair, so I don't use the van access handicap spot, just the regular handi spot. I have trouble getting in and out of my car when someone decides to park right up close to my door. I often feel like wacking their car with my cane.


Scott Ramella said...

My family has been in the mobility business for many years, we build a rear opening van for this very reason. Even if you had a very large sign, I doubt you could prevent the problem from recurring, some of my clients have placed cones out and people move them or run them over. If you want to let me know where, I can send you a larger sticker. Be well, and take care.

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