Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday, March 1, 2010

Hopefully everyone has pulled through our Olympics, what a show spectacular is the only thing which comes to mind.
I never watch hockey yet found myself glued to the television set for a good portion of the Olympic Games, soon the Paraolympic games will begin hopefully they will also return with a collection of medals to make us proud.

Meanwhile my fundraising effort continues for our MS Walk, still almost two months away I can not afford to procrastinate to reach my objective.
Next year I will not start by soliciting my friends and neighbors who support me each year they will be solicited last. My reasoning is quite simple, when people view my fundraising page online and the amounts given by others they are quite possibly being turned away thinking they have to match the donations received. Nothing could be further from the truth if you can spare a couple bucks that is great, added together with donations received it can make a significant difference. Granted I have received pledges of $25 $50 even $100 yet they were from close friends and family members I certainly do not expect the same level of support from everyone that would be insane.

Turns out my picture is going to be displayed on the side of our city buses during the next few months in order to generate more attention to our cause. One things for certain MS has received much attention from the media this year, never have I heard so many other people talking about MS especially after the W5/CTV broadcasts regarding the hypothesis of Dr. Zamboni. In the beginning I was upset at the amount of attention everyone was focusing on this unproven hypothesis but then I thought of the old adage that any advertising is good advertising, that train of thought changed my opinion completely.
There is no way that we could have purchased the exposure this has given to MS and whether good or bad it started people talking about the disease raising everyone's awareness and that is priceless.

Here is the latest posted on Facebook to raise funds.

Si vous êtes dans la région de Gatineau durant les prochains mois ne soyez pas surpris si vous voyez un de nos autobus de la ville avec cette photo sur le côté. Cela fait parti de notre campagne de fonds pour la sclérose en plaques.

If you are in the Gatineau region during the next several months and happen to see this picture on one of our city buses don't say you haven't been forewarned. Poor little old me will appear as part of our campaign for our MS walk this year.

Si vous pouvez faire un don suivez le lien ci-dessous pour accéder à ma page internet.
If you can make a donation to help our cause you may do so online by following the link below.

You may also visit my blog which is only in English however if you download the Google toolbar you can use the translator and it does a pretty good job. If you follow the link below you will end up on my blog.

Another day with MS

Bonne fin-de-semaine à tous
Have yourselves a terrific weekend
Michael Halashyn

PS: Not meant to solicit funds from those who have supported me this year, as well I do not accept donations from people with MS.

P.S.: n’est pas désigné à ceux qui m’ont déjà commandités cet année; en plus, je n’accepte pas de donations des gens affligés par la S.P.

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